Medicare Coverage Gaps

There are nine coverage gaps in all between Medicare Part A and Medicare part B.  For Medicare Part A you have

  • a deductible if $1,187
  • coinsurance for any days spent over the 60th day in the hospital
  • coinsurance for hospice care
  • coinsurance for skilled nursing care
  • no coverage for the first three pints of blood in the even that you need a blood transfusion

For Medicare Part B you have

  • a deductible of $147
  • coinsurance of 20% of whatever charges you incur under that program
  • to pay for any charges that a doctor may charge you that are above the Medicare approved amount

Neither Medicare Part A nor Part B provides for coverage in a foreign travel emergency.  That means that if you get sick or injured while traveling you will have to foot the whole bill.  You can remedy this with either a Medicare Advantage policy or a Medigap plan.  You can get travel coverage for both of these and both the Medigap premiums and Medicare Advantage premiums can be very affordable.

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